PLS with CBIA together do what we can for carbonated beverage development



On May 25th, 2021, 2021 CHINA CARBONATED BEVERAGE INDUSTRY DEVELOPMENT SEMINAR(CBIA) in Changbai Mountain, the most beautiful water source in China.
Innovation, inheritance, health, pleasure.

Various industry higher-ups work with you to study the prospects and future of carbonated beverage development.

In 2020, the sudden epidemic has profoundly changed all aspects of social life. People’s consumption habits have been subverted and reconstructed. Driven by the arrival of the post-epidemic era and consumption upgrades, people have become more autonomous and diversified in their material and spiritual needs for beverage products.

Carbonated beverages (soft drinks) for its innovation in many beverage categories, heritage, pleasant gene, captured the consumer to make in recent years by the carbonated drinks market growth of the health impact of consumer trends, become the focus of the market, favored by capital, the hot spot, the expected growth point of the industry.
In the new year, can traditional carbonated beverages and various emerging carbonated beverages, sparkling water, and near-water beverages continue to maintain their growth momentum; how the packaging of products will continue to focus on consumer demand for environmental protection, convenience, and health; how to expand products Extend, increase the added value of health, segment differentiated markets; how to make good use of the ever-changing new technologies and new processes to continuously improve the quality and safety of products……The perspective and determination of innovation and breakthrough will determine the future development of the industry.

Management, production, technology, R&D, and marketing personnel of traditional carbonated beverages and various emerging carbonated beverages, sparkling water and near-water beverage manufacturers; technical and related personnel of supporting companies; scholars from scientific research institutions and related enterprises and institutions Researchers; experts in the beverage industry and related industries and invited media representatives, etc.

Special Report (partial)

  • Research and Judgment on the Construction of Healthy China and the Development Trend of Sweet Drinks
  • Evaluation of Carbonated Drink Consumption and Free Sugar Intake of Urban Residents in China
  • The development status of global beverage PET packaging recycling
  • Analysis of the development of the carbonated beverage industry in recent years
  • Enjoy the world, the joy is different
  • Decoding carbonate, exciting and winning the future–The past, present, and future of carbonated beverages, innovative exploration of Chinese beveragesAnalysis of common misunderstandings in the application of ultraviolet sterilization technology in the production and application of beverage raw water
  • Performing both internal and external studies, deducting new carbonic acid–The application of aseptic dry carbonated drink technology + BOSS technology in carbonic acid product innovation
  • Carbonated beverage packaging technology another barrier

PLS with CBIA Do what we can for carbonated beverage development. 

Our Aseptic Technology Department MR. Ma (PHS)discussed the application of the aseptic dry method in carbonated beverages and other issues with the participants and reported the results of our Aseptic Technology Department in recent years. At the same time,  welcome everyone to come to our company for in-depth exchanges. At the same time, The engineers of our aseptic technology department (PHS) had in-depth communication with SIDEL, KHS, and other engineers.