Focus on Complete Solution for Liquid Filling&Packaging
Tailor Complete Solutions & Turn-key Projects

A complete packaging line includes not only bottling but also subsequent secondary packaging and end packaging. The secondary packaging is available in shrink film packaging, carton packaging, carton wrapping, etc. The end packaging can also be mechanical palletizing or robot palletizing.

PHS specializes in wet zone packaging, while the dry zone packaging section integrates industry resources and selects equipment and products from mainstream professional manufacturers.
Depalletizers, Labeling machines, Packaging machines, palletizers and other equipment are all externally equipped.

Over the years, we have accumulated rich engineering experience in numerous customer projects.
Dynamic adjustments are made according to the different needs of customers and the actual operating conditions of each unit of the entire line, which has always effectively improved the operating efficiency of the entire line.

PHS- Aseptic Filling Line for PANPAN
Packaging System - 1
Packaging System - 5
Packaging System
Packaging System - 6
Packaging System - 2
Packaging System - 3
Water Treatment
Blow Molding

Tailor Complete Solutions &
Turn-key Projects

We offer the whole plant turn-key project from product process design, bottles design to the overall layout design of water treatment, pre-processing, bottles blowing, filling, capping, coding, lamp-checking, labeling, conveying, packaging, palletizing and intelligent storage.

We are committed to providing our customers worldwide with integrated innovative solutions capable of fully meeting their demands for liquid filling&packaging production and storage in efficiency, reliability, flexibility and energy saving.
Water Treatment System
Pre-treatment System
Blow Molding System
Filling & Capping System
Packaging System
Conveyor System