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With high-quality raw materials, unique formulas, and advanced technology, you need a set of sophisticated equipment for product hygiene and safety.

The pre-treatment system usually includes hot water system, sugar dissolving system, filtering system, batching system, ingredients, some beverages also need extraction, separation, homogenization, degassing and other equipment, of course, CIP system is essential.

Our group has professional pre-treatment equipment companies,
Shanghai Precise Packaging Co.,Ltd. (PLS)
Shanghai Precise Sanhuan Food Equipment Project Co.,Ltd.
Shanghai Precise Range Machinery Co.,Ltd.
PLS, PLS SANHUAN&PLS RANGE have focused on pre-treatment equipment&system from 1992, provide various equipment and turnkey project of whole plant according to customer demands&needs with rich examples of pre-treatment design and equipment manufacturing experience.

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Tailor Complete Solutions &
Turn-key Projects

We offer the whole plant turn-key project from product process design, bottles design to the overall layout design of water treatment, pre-processing, bottles blowing, filling, capping, coding, lamp-checking, labeling, conveying, packaging, palletizing and intelligent storage.

We are committed to providing our customers worldwide with integrated innovative solutions capable of fully meeting their demands for liquid filling&packaging production and storage in efficiency, reliability, flexibility and energy saving.
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