As a beverage equipment supplier, in addition to quality, performance, price, we are more focused on “delivery”.
We are committed to being the strategic partner of beverage manufacturers, helping you build the most efficient packaging equipment production line with leading technology, excellent performance and professional equipment solutions.

Scope of application

Our packaging solutions cover the three common beverage packaging forms of PET bottles, glass bottles and cans, and all have complete production line supporting capabilities.

Whether your product is bottled water, carbonated beverages, tea/juice, milk drinks or rice wine, we can help you achieve the perfect packaging.

1. Product scheme

To provide advice on your products and market positioning; Provide professional evaluation advice for your product packaging form, capacity scale and investment planning.

2. Process route and equipment selection

Help you choose the best process route, assess the risks and benefits; Provide the best single equipment selection and peripheral auxiliary equipment selection, seeking the optimal entire line equipment matching, to help you get the best return on investment.

3. Engineering design and installation

The whole plant engineering design concept, through many users accumulated engineering experience; Excellent design engineer team, professional, efficient and time-tested engineering installation team.

4. Training and service

Help your equipment personnel improve their skills through professional training to ensure proper operation and maintenance of equipment. Adequate supply of spare parts, responsive after-sales service.