More than 30 professional and technical talents of the R&D team who graduated from TOP universities of China major in mechatronics, automatic control, mechanical design,  control engineering, and food science and engineering have a professional efficient construction team consisting of various veterans in the industry. PHS has also established technical cooperation relationships with many scientific research institutes, colleges, and universities(such as Jiangnan University, Nanjing Agricultural University, Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, Suzhou University of Science and Technology), hold regular exchange meetings, meanwhile, COMAN Aseptic Filling team, PLS R&D team,  and Parmalat S.p. A, share technology, At the same time, PHS is the vice president of enterprise of the Beverage Machinery Association (CFPMA) COPAMAand China Packaging Federation (CPF), also is standing director unit of the Aseptic Packaging Committee of China Packaging Technology Association and China Beverage Industry AssociationCBIA), participates in the formulation of industry technology and product standards

Projects that our Aseptic Filling/Ultra-clean Filling team and engineers(Eng. Chen& Eng. Zhao) participate in and lead, as follows,

  • 2005, Participation and Leadership, 15 Lines of PET Bottled Cold Aseptic Filling for HUI YUAN
    Mainly produces Concentrated Juice, Fruit Puree, and Fruit Juice Products.
    China’s first autonomous aseptic line
  • 2010, Leadership 6 Lines of PET Bottled Cold Aseptic Filling for ZHONGWO
    Mainly produces Energy Drinks, Compound Juice Drinks, CSD Juice Drinks, Fruit Soda Water, Coffee
  • 2012, Leadership, 4 Lines of PET Bottled Cold Aseptic Filling for TOYO PACK(Changshu)
    OEM for Suntory, Jiaduobao, Ito Park, Pepsi, Yili, Yuanqisenlin, COFCO, Decathlon, C’estbon, KOPI MUSANG, QUAKER, etc.
  • 2016, Leadership,  Line of PET Bottled Cold Aseptic Filling for JIANYULE(Zhongshan)
    Processing and Production for well-known brands such as Watsons, Chenguang, Guangming, Zhongshan Wangzai, Sichuan Guangyou, Guangxi Zhuangniu, etc.
  • 2016, Leadership, Aseptic Filling Line of PET Bottled& Aseptic Brick for ShibuDairy
    Mainly produces Fresh Milk, UHT Milk, Yogurt, Flavored Dairy Drinks, Coconut Milk, Soy Milk,  Lactobacillus drink, Fruit Juice, and Other Beverages.
  • 2019, Leadership, Aseptic Filling Line of PET Bottled& Aseptic Brick for MengniuDairy,
    Mainly produces high-end dairy products and other high value-added room temperature liquid milk, such as Just Pure
  • 2019, Leadership, Ultra-clean Dry Filling Line for PET Bottled for Dayse
    Mainly produces Kinsell Bifidobacterium-longumDD98)fermented milk drinks
  • 2020, Leadership, Aseptic Filling Line of PET Bottled for PANPAN,
    Mainly produces Lactobacillus Drink, Tea Drink, Energy Drink, Milk Drink, etc.