36000BPH Water Filling Machine CGF60-20 Installation Completion Display


36000BPH Water Filling Machine CGF60-20

This filling line is proud of the super capacity of 36,000 bottles per hour, relying on the international leading technical strength, high-speed filling and fine control. Fully automated assembly line operation, from empty bottle detection, efficient filling, accurate capping, to subsequent sterilization treatment, intelligent packaging, each link is strictly in accordance with international health standards to ensure that each bottle of water is produced as a boutique.

  • 【 Fast filling 】 – Relying on self-developed high-speed filling technology, the filling speed of about 600 bottles per minute is achieved, greatly improving production efficiency and meeting market demand;
  • 【Precise and quantitative】 – High-precision filling system with intelligent sensors to ensure that the filling amount of each bottle of water is accurate, refuse waste, and ensure product quality;
  • 【 Green energy saving 】 – Combined with the design concept of energy saving and emission reduction, the entire line of equipment adopts energy-saving components to effectively reduce operating costs and practice the road of green development;
  • 【Intelligent control】- The introduction of advanced PLC control system, real-time monitoring of production status, to achieve full automation, reduce human error, improve the overall stability of the production line.