Blowing Bottle Machine 16-cavity Completion display


Our high performance blow molding machine integrates innovative technology and lean manufacturing, and adopts international advanced blow molding process to realize the full automatic operation from raw material preheating, bottle embryo forming to bottle blowing.

  • 【Efficient output】 : With excellent production capacity, it can quickly blow out large quantities of PET bottles, PP bottles and other containers of various materials in a short time to meet the mass production needs of all walks of life.
  • 【Precision molding】 : Intelligent numerical control system is used to ensure that each bottle embryo is blown accurately under constant pressure and temperature, and the bottle body has smooth lines, uniform thickness, exquisite appearance and outstanding quality.
  • 【Energy conservation and Environmental protection】 : The introduction of energy-efficient technology, optimize the energy consumption in the production process, effectively reduce carbon emissions, and practice the concept of green manufacturing.
  • 【Flexible customization】 : It can quickly switch molds for bottles of different specifications, shapes and uses to meet diversified market needs.
  • 【Intelligent control】 : Integrated advanced PLC control system, easy and intuitive operation, monitoring the entire production process to ensure stable operation of equipment, greatly improve production efficiency.

The bottle blowing machine is not only a tool to make bottles, but also a craftsman to shape the future. Behind each exquisite bottle, there is our pursuit of technical excellence and responsibility for environmental protection. Hand in hand with our blowing machine, together to create your brand story, give products more fresh vitality, create a better life.