24000BPH Ultra-Clean Filling Production Line


Against the backdrop of accelerating the transformation of global manufacturing towards intelligence and efficiency, PHS announced that its 24000BPH 500ML PET ultra clean filling production line has successfully completed all debugging and testing work and is about to be delivered to a well-known domestic beverage manufacturer.

This intelligent filling production line integrates cutting-edge technological achievements, including small footprint, high-precision sensors, big data analysis, machine vision recognition, and adaptive control algorithms, achieving full automation and intelligent management from raw material input to finished product packaging. Compared to traditional filling lines, this production line has increased production efficiency by 40%, reduced labor costs by 60%, and reached a new height in ensuring product quality stability.

At the beginning of the production line design, the personalized needs of customers and the flexibility of market changes were fully considered, and a modular design approach was adopted, making it more convenient and fast to switch between different product types, greatly reducing production conversion time. In addition, the production line is equipped with advanced environmental and energy-saving systems, effectively reducing water and electricity consumption, meeting international green environmental standards, and helping enterprises achieve sustainable development goals.

In the past few months, through the unremitting efforts and multiple technological optimizations of the team, the intelligent filling production line has demonstrated excellent performance and stability in the internal testing stage. Whether it is precise filling under high-speed operation, sterile environment control, or intelligent quality monitoring system, it has been verified and recognized.
As the delivery date approaches, PHS has begun planning the installation, commissioning, and personnel training of the production line to ensure that the intelligent filling production line can be quickly put into operation.